Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lighten the Hell Up, Nascar Fans!

New qualifying rules! Maybe new points rules! Maybe new Chase rules! Go to the NASCAR sites and you'll see almost nothing but bitching in the comments. NASCAR can turn itself inside out to try to please its fans by trying to give them closer racing, more drama, whatever they say they want, but it doesn't matter.

The only thing the sanctioning body could do is turn the clock back to 1960 or 1970 or 1980 or whenever it was that racing was REAL. Tell the complainers that there were usually only a small number of competitive cars on the track back then and that races often finished with the leader being laps ahead of everyone else. Doesn't matter. They loved it then. Tell them that before the Chase, drivers often had the championship sewed up with four races left to go. Doesn't matter. They loved it then. Maybe if NASCAR could bring Dale Earnhardt back to life, they'd be appreciated but I'm not even sure about that.

Honestly, I've heard so many people bitch on Sirius about how boring qualifying is with single car runs, I figured knock-out qualifying would be a popular improvement but nope, they hate it. Turns out, they loved watching those cars go around the track one at a time. Who would have thought?

The attitude NASCAR fans have about Brian France reminds me a lot of the way conservatives feel about Obama (presumably, many of them are the same people). They don't have to actually listen to an idea. If it came from Brian France, they know they disagree passionately. Saves people from having to spend their brain power having to think, I guess.

And so many people hated Jimmie winning his sixth championship, I figured they'd like the winner-take-all at Homestead aspect of the Chase changes since it would put four drivers in the contest no matter how far ahead anyone might have been the old way. But they don't like that either.

Is it because those who love the sport whatever it is and will adapt to whatever rules changes NASCAR puts in effect aren't as likely to comment as the naysayers? Maybe. I rarely ever post because it seems my voice would be overwhelmed by the whiners. I have pretty much given up on the comment sections. I generally read a few, get disgusted and move on.

But, for the record, I will be watching. I'll be watching every race if they change the rules or if they don't change the rules. I'll be rooting for Jimmie but if he doesn't win, I can live with that too. I'll be watching if they keep the Chase or get rid of the Chase, if they keep qualifying the way it was or if they go with a different format, if they change the points or keep them the same.

I plan to simply ignore all the negativity.