Monday, June 2, 2014

Dover is Over

Wow, Myles the Monster was in an even more diabolical mood than usual. He tried something new to attack Sprint Cup drivers - puking up concrete and spitting it at them. Poor Jamie Mac was the victim of that particular maneuver.

Despite Myles' efforts though, JJ the Monster Tamer, came through again and won by a knock out. He now holds the record for Dover wins with nine.

The 48 looked like one of the strongest cars from the beginning but it seemed that Harvick would have given him a run for the money if he hadn't been plagued by bad luck once again. Jimmie appears to have his own horseshoe well in hand (or wherever) but Kevin needs to find one of his own...and pretty quickly. They have the car, the driver, the crew chief and the speed but they need to find a level of smoothness so that everything works together.

And who knows what might have happened if Kyle hadn't been caught up in a wreck early on? Obviously, he had a fast car and was riding a wave of momentum from winning both the Truck and Nationwide race earlier in the weekend. He lacks JJ's smoothness too. Not in the same way as Harvick from glitches in team performance but more with a kind of tendency to push too hard. Kyle crawls into his truck or Nationwide car like he's going to own the track and usually he does. Does he have a bit of a mental block when it comes to confidence in Cup, do you suppose?

Matt Kenseth looked good at the end of the race but, once again, he just couldn't quite grab that brass ring. That has to be getting frustrating. They need to get that no-win monkey off their backs. He's in fine shape being first in the points but still, until you win, it's like a psychic weight holding you down mentally.

Brad finished a pretty strong second. He indicated in his post-race interview that if he'd had another 50 laps, he'd have overtaken Jimmie but I don't think there is any way. If he couldn't do it on a restart, he couldn't do it at all. But let him think it, if it makes him feel better.

Another good run for my boy, Kyle Larson.

Smoke looks to be heating up. We know what he's capable of if he gets on a roll.

For the rest, it was a fairly mediocre race.

What in the heck is wrong with Kasey Kahne? They show signs of competitiveness and you think, "okay, here they go....they're going to live up to their potential...finally," and the next thing you know, they are back in the middle of the pack.

Martin Truex, Jr. and the 78 team aren't showing the performance they did when Kurt Busch was behind the wheel but then, Kurt Busch isn't showing the performance we expected of him when he went to Stewart-Haas either.

Another average race for Danica - 22nd. Damn, I wish that girl would get hot!

And another blah race for Roush. Something definitely has to give there and what that might be was talked about a lot by the t.v. announcers but I don't have a clue. I think Ford will move heaven and earth to keep Carl but I'm not sure at this point in his career, money is nearly the motivator that a possible championship is. And, honestly, I think the Biff's hopes for a trophy are out the window. He'd just as well stay at Roush and mentor the young'uns for the balance of his career. Although, on the other hand, he can see the example of Matt going to Gibbs as what can happen with a fresh start and a new outlook.

So, Dover is over and its onward and upward to TNT. Usually, I get used to the network that's showing us the races and miss that group when they leave but then I get used to the next bunch and miss them when they leave until I get used to the newest crew. Next year, we'll only have to do this twice.