Monday, July 21, 2014

And the Beat Goes On


Well, it's sure fun to watch the kids battle it out in the Nationwide race without the triumvirate of Busch/Keselowski/Logano sailing off into the sunset with the win. (I don't mind Kyle Larson because it is his first year out of Nationwide. If he runs a full Nationwide schedule next year, I'll bitch about him too).

And don't give me that baloney about how much the Nationwide drivers appreciate the presence of the big boys from Cup. Nah, heck no, they don't want to win, they just want the joy of racing against Kyle and Kes and Joey. That may be what they say in public it but I don't believe it. I think they'd love the hell out of taking home the money and the trophy themselves.

I bet NAPA thanks its lucky stars every day that they decided to stay in NASCAR after the Richmond brouhaha and to transfer their sponsorship to Chase Elliott. Their brand has already been in Victory Lane three times and their guy is leading the Championship points. And you gotta' think Chase is as straight arrow as they come considering his family background. I think the Dawsonville si-reen will be wailing for many years into the future.

Speaking of patting themselves on the back, I expect Chip Ganassi and Felix Sabates are happy they went with their instinct and put Kyle Larson in Cup instead of listening to the naysayers who said it was too soon. Kyle hasn't won yet but he's more than proven he can play in the big leagues.

Jimmie is my #1 driver and will be as long as he races but he's 38. Jeff is 42 (I think). Junior is 40. Matt is in his 40's. Having Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott coming up is like having a back up gallon of ice cream in the freezer so that when the current one runs out, you can go right on indulging in your favorite dessert, knowing it will be just as delicious.

And I've only mentioned two but there are also Austen and Ty, Erik and Jeb, Ryan and, well, I could go on and on. That bunch will probably accompany right on into the Old Folk's Home, cheering all the way!