Saturday, July 5, 2014

Random Thoughts From The Road


I missed the Kentucky race because I was on the road. I have it DVRed but it doesn't sound like I missed much so I probably won't even go back and watch unless I get really bored. Seeing one guy dominate isn't that interesting unless it is your guy. I was actually going through Kentucky during the race. Luckily, I went across the Ohio River at Louisville rather than Cincinnati so I didn't run into any traffic jams.

I have SiriusXM radio and could have listened but my son was with me and he could care less about NASCAR so I let him do his thing which meant hours of Ozzie's Boneyard....oh, Lord. That station has now been permanently deleted from my list of channels.

- One thing nice about the NASCAR channel on Sirius is that the people who call in are mostly positive, unlike so many of the whiners who show up on the NASCAR websites. They think the racing is great and they give NASCAR the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to make the sport better. They ask mostly intelligent questions and listen respectfully to the answers. If they are frequent travelers, like truckers, they bond with the various hosts as if they are practically part of their highway family....and they call in a lot so they know one another. Over all, a very pleasant atmosphere.

- Chocolate Myers gave the statistics for the Daytona 500 over the years. I don't remember them exactly but in 1961, 1971 and 1981, an average of about seven cars were on the lead lap at the end. This was back in the day when so many NASCAR fans remember, nostalgically, how much better the racing was.

- I was totally dismayed by the viciousness of many of the comments upon Jimmie Johnson being honored by President Obama. The haters were out in full force. Seriously, would any driver who wins a championship and gets invited to the White House ever turn down the invitation? Would you want your driver to do it and look like a narrow-minded idiot? No matter how many championships he won, he'd always be remembered as "the driver who snubbed the president of the United States". Yeah, that would be something to be proud of, all right.

- In the same vein, poor Phil Parsons, who, like every other small team owner struggling to find enough funding to keep cars on the track, felt compelled to remove the Charlie Crist stickers from his racecar. The Republican party actually did an investigation to see if the sponsorship was worth more than campaign donations were allowed to try to stop it. How petty can you be? Rick Santorum sponsored a car once and so have others. I guess if you're a Republican, political sponsorship is fine and dandy but not if you're a Democrat. To me, its the same kind of prejudiced thinking as - "booze is great but cigarettes are anathema." My sin (politics) but not yours.

- I took a sweeping interstate exit a little too fast and scared myself because I didn't feel in complete control. I was probably going about 55. It made me think how I'd like to be doing it at 200 mph with cars on all sides. Although I think of myself as a confident and assertive driver, I obviously wasn't born with the guts to be a racer.

- I guess we think we know that Carl Edwards will be going to Gibbs after this year even though we won't have an official announcement until September. I bet Ford, after putting so many of their eggs in Carl's basket, say prayers of thanks every night that Penske came over to them.

- I have a Jimmie Johnson license plate on my car and a Jimmie Johnson hat in the back window. I met a guy as a convenience store with a Kyle Busch teeshirt on. He gave me a thumbs up and said, "NASCAR forever!" I gave him a thumbs up back. I was passed by a guy with a Kevin Harvick bumper sticker on his car and as he went by, he flipped me the bird. No conclusions from this...just interesting the different reactions people have.

Now I'm home. Drove 18 straight hours from Ocala, Florida to Wabash, Indiana and I have total jet lag. Probably won't even be motivated enough to get dressed today. Just coffee, cigarettes and me and the dog and the cats watching Daytona.