Monday, September 1, 2014

A Most Satisfying Result


A Most Satisfying Result

                              NASCAR Power Rankings: Hendrick Motorsports shines again

Well, that was an exciting race in the end despite being a little tedious at first when it looked like Kevin Harvick was going to literally run away with it. There wouldn't have much suspense at all in the first half if it hadn't been for the incredible performance of Denny Hamlin's pit crew. Every pit stop under 12! That is about as perfect as you can get. The only problem for Denny was that his car wasn't as fast as Kevin's so he couldn't hold his lead.

Kevin was grumpy about his own crew's performance which was excellent except when compared with the 11 bunch. Come on, Kevin, would you rather have been in Denny's position with a faster crew but a slower car?

I was crushed with the caution that came out when Kasey was leading resulting in a green/white/checkered finish. Damn, so near and yet so far. I've gotten so used to something happening whenever it looks like Kasey is having a good run and there it was....again. I grumbled and cursed under my breath but then there was another caution and another attempt at a G/W/C and that time, Kasey was in the perfect position. So now all the Hendrick drivers are in the Chase. If you'd been in the car with Kasey, you'd probably have heard the biggest sigh of relief in the world.

And that scenario of always expecting something to happen to a driver to queer their race goes double for Danica. I watched her work her way up through the field in Atlanta with my fingers crossed but expecting tragedy to strike at any moment. But it didn't and she finished sixth, the best finish of her Sprint Cup career. Yes!

Danica has so many haters and they tend to be such a thoroughly vile bunch (example of what they call her: Danicunt) that any time she does well, I'm thrilled. Not that it makes a difference to them, of course. They always find a reason that any success she has isn't worthy. Because, even if she wins, she'll still have that one fatal flaw they hold against her the most: she's a woman.

Kyle Larson ended up in 8th after many trials and tribulations. Not bad although not good enough to capitalize on Clint Bowyer's hard luck. I would love to see Kyle L. somehow make the Chase but I don't really expect it to happen. It seems as if he's a lock for Rookie of the Year though and Chase or not, he will be able to say he's had a season to be proud of.

It was great to see Tony back at the track and especially good to see the enthusiastic and supportive reception he got. That had to be heartwarming for him. Although, he ended up with a DNF, it was surely encouraging to see how well the car performed before he left the track. I didn't think NASCAR should have made him Chase-eligible though. The rules are the rules and he missed three races....end of story, no matter how sad that story is.

He won't make it unless he wins in Richmond, which seems unlikely, although having seen Tony pull rabbits out of the hat before, it isn't entirely impossible.

What is up with Kyle Busch? He appears to be backsliding into the "old" Kyle - the childish, vengeful, self-destructive Kyle.