Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's Go Racin', Boys!


My God, how the weekends drag during the off-season! I've read books and written blogs and talked on the telephone. I've cleaned house and made cakes and polished the silver. I programmed my new Iphone and hooked up my new printer. 

Christmas took up a little time but now that's over and done with. I'm going to Florida to visit my kids in January so I have that to look forward to. By the time, I get back, I'll only have a couple of weeks until NASCAR stuff starts happening in Daytona. Let's go racin', Boys!

In the meantime, I have kept up with the NASCAR websites so I know about Kyle Larson's baby (a son, Owen Miyata),  Ty Dillon's wedding and all the nitty-gritty details of Kurt Busch's court hearing. (I think that boy has some serious issues but it's not like Gene Haas didn't know about them going in).

I've read all the predictions (Carl Edwards thinks he's going to win ten races and the championship, Now, that's what I call a bold prophesy). I watched Jimmie and Matt on the new Gatorade "50" commercial. Very cool to see them in such great company. I've seen all the new paint schemes and memorized all the new car numbers and driver/crew chief pairings. I read what grades the NASCAR reporters gave teams for 2014 although I didn't necessarily agree with all of them.

My grades:

Harvick - A+ - of course, you can't win the championship in the dominant fashion he did without earning an A+.

Newman - B - would have been a A if he'd won a race.

Logano - A - great performance for his first time in the Chase.

Gordon - A - super year all the way around.

Earnhardt - B+ - terrific season except for that little run of not-up-to-par performances.

Johnson - B - a record many drivers would be thrilled to have but the old 48 mojo just wasn't there.

Hamlin - C - lucked into the Chase but average for the season was so-so.

Keselowski - B - counted on the clutch one too many times.

Kenseth - B - looked good a lot of the time - kept waiting for him to get that win but it never happened.

Kyle Busch - B - some races he looked on it but his bad Chase luck still hasn't changed.

Kahne - D - made the Chase by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin and that was all he had.

Allmendinger - B - based on performing above expectations and equipment

Almirola - B - ditto

Stewart - D - not a good year but not surprising considering circumstances.

Kurt Busch - D - as always, his own worst enemy

Carl Edwards - D - just looked out of it a big part of the time

Kyle Larson - A - for winning Rookie of the Year by a mile and running with the big dogs a lot of the time.