Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keep Your Politics To Yourself

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Some off-week thoughts....

- Oh, please, NASCAR fans. Do you have to turn everything ugly? Jeff Gordon took his family to the White House to hunt Easter eggs and meet Barack and Michelle Obama. What a memory for his kids! I believe any patriotic American would be honored and thrilled to be invited to the White House for a personal visit with a President and a First Lady, any president and first lady. The Gordon children have experienced lots of exciting events due to their father's fame and this is one of them.  It doesn't mean Jeff endorses every action by this president. It doesn't mean he supports him or his party or that he voted for him. It is simply a recognition that he is our president and the White House is our house. If ever you get this opportunity yourself and deny your children for partisan reasons, you are a fool.

But some of the comments on the NASCAR sites were vile and over-the-top. Some people said they'd never root for Jeff again because he appeared with Obama. Some of them said he should have spit in the president's face....and on and on. Blah, blah, blah. What a sad commentary on how mean so much of our society has become. And this was Easter....if ever there is a time when hate is inappropriate, Easter would seem to be that time. WWJD, indeed.

I consider myself a progressive so I'm mostly opposed to the Richardson family's politics. Therefore, I don't find the name of the Texas race, The Duck Commander 500, to be appealing at all. Does this mean I'd refuse to accept the opportunity to go to the race if I got it? Heck, no! I'd be there with bells on, name or no name! I don't take these things personally.

- As I write this, no date has been set for a hearing on Richard Childress Racing's appeal on their penalties for tire-tampering. I'm generally for NASCAR giving crew chiefs a little more leeway for creativity but if RCR did what NASCAR has alleged, then they weren't working in the "gray area", they were blatantly cheating. I feel a little bad for RCR because you assume that they weren't the only ones, perhaps not even the first ones. Nevertheless, they were the ones who got caught so NASCAR burned them to make an example of them and to discourage any other teams from trying the same thing. It's the luck of the draw and Childress was "it".

- ZZ Top at Charlotte - yes!

- I'll be glad to see Kyle Larson back on the track at Texas. I really respect this young driver and I'm glad his fainting spell turned out to be dehydration and nothing more serious. 

- I'll be rooting for Danica to have another solid run in Texas. This is also an area where the haters are on display. They can't wait to tell us why her finish as Martinsville was just a fluke and not really a deserved outcome at all. And they don't hesitate to say it in the coarsest way possible.

- I loved the picture of Kyle and Samantha Busch with her tummy painted like a big Easter egg ready to "hatch". These two really seem to have a great sense of humor. Funny, I never really noticed that about Kyle until Samantha came along. 

- Bacon-infused chicken wings at Texas. What else can be said about that?