Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Little More Pizazz, Please.

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Well, that was sort of fun. I still think the All-Star race is lacking a little in pizazz (do you know both pizazz and pazazz are proper spellings?) although I can't say what it needs to improve it.

The results weren't what I would have hoped for but that doesn't have anything to do with pizazz. I wanted Martin Truex, Jr. to race his way in. I think he'd have been more likely to run up front than Biffle if he had. On the other hand, it was nice to see The Cat in the Hat with such a big smile on his face. He hasn't had much to smile about lately.

I was pleased that Danica got in by way of the fan vote. Lots of haters didn't agree but she out-qualified all of her Stewart-Haas teammates. She did a terrific job in her qualifying pit stop considering she'd never, ever come in at speed before. She was probably sunk when they changed engines though and she had to go to the back instead of starting where she qualified in sixth and even if she'd had much of a prayer after that, another engine problem killed her off.

Jimmie was out of it pretty quickly after hitting the wall.

For a short race, there were quite a few comers and goers. For a while it looked like Kasey, Junior and Jeff all had fast cars but they sort of faded in the second half. Joey looked fast but it never turned into much. Carl Edwards had his moments. So did Jamie McMurray and Matt Kenseth and Clint Bowyer.

Brad Keselowski did a whale of a job keeping his car up front on old tires. He might very well have ended up the night a million dollars richer if he hadn't gotten a speeding penalty on pit road.

Damn, I was hoping to see Kyle do well in his first race after his long lay-off and he was doing well until he had to pit for a loose wheel. Oh, well, it's fun to have him on the track again. Next we hear about him, it will probably be baby news.

Kevin and Kurt both finished well considering where they qualified but finishing well in the All-Star race doesn't mean much. In the end, the pole position and the first pit stall was the edge Denny needed to pull it off.

If I'd been able to pick the winner, it would have been Jeff Gordon for sentimental reasons. It was very touching to see all the fans holding "Thank You, Jeff" signs during driver intros and to see his family with him and then his old crew chief, Ray Evernham. (In a completely unrelated side note, I'm glad that they finally cut Leo's hair so it doesn't hang over his eyes).

I wondered why some teams threw swag to the crowd and others didn't. It's an obvious way to please your fans. Seems like they would all do it if some did. I'm not positive but I don't think any of the Gibbs teams did. Surely Joe Gibbs can afford a few hats.

Xfinity. What can I say? Same old, same old. Cup driver steals the win from a regular. Poor Erik Jones. So near and yet so far....again.