Wednesday, May 6, 2015



A lot of people on Sirius NASCAR radio bitched about the ending of the Talladega race because they thought the drivers should have made a charge for the front instead of riding around those last few laps "letting" Junior win. Really? Even though they'd seen throughout the earlier part of the race how hard it was to catch and pass the car in the top lane? For viewers' entertainment, they were supposed to give up a good finish even though they believed it was doomed to fail? Sure thing. Ryan Blaney was going to toss away 4th place and the money that comes with it for a one-car, part-time team? Martin Truex, Jr was going to say the heck with the consistency that has him number two in the points, despite not having a win? Ditto, Ryan Newman. Josh Wise wasn't supposed to care about finishing top ten?

Come on, people. Don't be ridiculous. These aren't a bunch of Don Quixote's running around tilting at windmills. They have agendas having to do with points and teams and sponsors. I'm sure if they'd thought they'd had a prayer of pulling out of line and overcoming Junior, they would have but they didn't.

I hope this puts an end to all the "Jimmie owes Dale Junior one" crap we've heard since Junior pushed Jimmie to the win at Talladega in 2011 which many Junior fans have been obsessed with ever since. Personally, I think if Junior could have bailed on Jimmie in that 2011 race and won it himself, he would have....and he should have. That finish was the product of the tandem drafting that was going on at the time. Junior had the stronger car to push. So they went for the best possible result they could get for their teams.

I also don't think Jimmie "let" Junior win this one. If he'd thought he could pull out and pass Junior, he would have and he should have. But, as Jimmie said, Junior raced a perfect race. He hugged the top and no one was fast enough to get to him. So what Jimmie did instead was help play defense for Junior by guarding his rear....because if he couldn't win himself, he damn sure wanted his teammate to get the victory. Again....exactly the way it is supposed to be.

So this was a satisfying race for me. I loved seeing how thrilled the crowd was for Dale, Jr. I loved seeing his grateful trip around the track to acknowledge their affection and loyalty. I loved how emotional he was about this particular win. I love seeing him so happy with where his life is at right now.

The Xfinity series - ho hum - Joey Logano wins. It was nice seeing J. J. Yeley and Joey Gase finish in the top five. Does anyone else think Joe Gibbs is crazy to put Boris Said in the 54 car? I mean, I like Boris, I guess,but the competition for the owner's championship has always been so intense, between Gibbs and Penske, especially. I can't think Boris will do much for that effort. What happened with Bubba Wallace, Jr? I'd think he'd be the perfect young driver to fill that seat. Well, look at me. I'm doing the same thing I bitch at other people about.....acting like I know more than the people who pay the bills!

Drivers who seem to be riding around under a dark cloud - Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne. They really need to get their seasons turned around pretty quick.

Jeff needs to watch his speedometer (yes, I know they don't really have speedometers); Danica needs to go sponsor shopping. Roush needs a complete makeover. Kyle Larson needs to get over his sophomore slump.

We all need to get on to Kansas.