Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Solid "A" for NASCAR

Image result for NASCAR rain in Kentucky

Yes! I think NASCAR is on the right track with their new rules package. That was a very good race, certainly the best one I've ever seen at Kentucky. Twenty-two lead changes which is about twice what there were last year and 3 times as many as the year before. Green flag passes were up 130 per cent. Fast cars could run down the ones ahead of them and then make the pass. More like that, please.

It will be fun to see what Darlington brings when Goodyear has time to build a new tire to match the package.

Of course, it was all made even more interesting because Mother Nature had her way with Kentucky, denying teams the opportunity to qualify and very little practice time to dial their cars in so it was all a crap shoot from the git-go.

I loved the battle toward the end with Kyle and Joey going at it tooth and toenail, trading the lead. I loved watching Brad charging up through the field because of bad pit stops...three times. I loved seeing Jeff Gordon pull off an old school maneuver on Kyle Larson. (Take note, Kyle!)

Congratulations to all the Kyle Busch fans. I was glad he prevailed at the end. He's up to 35th in points and he has to make it into the top 30 to have his wins count toward the Chase. It's not a done deal yet but I hope he does it. His situation has added an interesting story line since his his return.

I waited until the second week to confirm my view that the NBC crew is doing a terrific job under rather trying weather circumstances for their first two races. They were heroic at Daytona, sticking with NASCAR through the entire delay. Then again at Kentucky, they had to work around drawn out delays but they did just fine. I think the combination of Rick Allen, Steve LeTarte and Jeff Burton are excellent. Rick is the consummate professional and it hasn't been so long since Steve and Jeff were active so they add great insights to their reporting. So do Krista Voda, Ned Jarrett and Kyle Petty and the others. It seems that NBC has really thrown itself into building a superior NASCAR program.

Tony's press conference was just, well.....sad. He sounded so disconsolate and dis-spirited. Nothing at all like the brash, smart-ass Tony we know and love. I begin to wonder if he will ever bounce back. He is 44 and that is getting rather long in the tooth for a race car driver but I'll really hate to see him go out on such a downswing. He hasn't won and right now, he wouldn't even make the Chase on points. Losing our edge happens to all of us eventually but I don't think Tony will take it well.

Oh, please, People, stop with the Danica must be PMSing talk. Yep, she was angry and frustrated and she over-reacted and we all know that would never have happened with a man, right? Because they don't bump cars and throw helmets and start fights. They don't get emotional like the female of the species. Give me a freaking break!

It was certainly a great week for JGR - all four of their cars in the top five. Joey Logano was the only spoiler. Even Ford seemed to take a step forward while Chevy took a step back. I don't expect all that to last but we'll see what happens in New Hampshire.

Fans so often give NASCAR hell but everything they do but I'm ready to give them kudos for Kentucky.