Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Chase Looms

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I was so busy this week, I almost couldn't find the time for a NASCAR blog but there is a lot of off-track news percolating through NASCAR. Let's start with congratulations. First, to Joey Logano for winning the Bristol night race. Joey is on a roll lately.

Second, to Chad Knaus and Brooke (Werner) Knaus on their wedding which is taking place today as I write this. Having been a Miss Sprint Cup, Brooke is probably familiar with frantic Cup schedules and hectic working conditions so she should know what to expect from the obsessive Chad.

And to Kurt Busch - it sounds as though he's in love again too. Hopefully, this relationship will be somewhat less tempestuous than the last one.

Then condolences for the tragic loss of IndyCar driver, Justin Wilson. Watching the motorcade of IndyCar drivers proceeding slowly across the Golden Gate Bridge in his honor was a touching and impressive tribute.

And finally a vote of confidence for Tony Stewart in the lawsuit filed against him Kevin Ward Junior's parents. Their suit makes it sound as if Tony purposely and recklessly killed their son. I don't believe that for a minute and neither did the grand jury who heard the case and pronounced it 100 percent accidental. I certainly feel sorry for the Wards but when your child engages in a dangerous sport like Sprint car racing, the potential for catastrophe is always there.

Due to a family emergency, I only got to see the last 100 laps at Bristol. Watching Joey and Kevin (or vice versa) chase each other around the track is beginning to seem like deja vu although, over all, Gibbs seems to be the hot team right now. I was happy to see Jimmie claim fourth place considering his last few races, in which he seemed to be always stuck somewhere between 8th and 12th. Still, I think Hendrick has some work to do to catch up with Gibbs, Penske and Stewart-Haas.

Kyle Busch seems firmly in the Chase now so will any others win? If I could wish for only one new winner, it would be Jeff Gordon. He's in the Chase on points but I'd like to see him win his way in too in his last year. If I could choose a miracle, it would be for Danica or Kyle Larson but that's what it would take at this point. There could be a surprise from outside the bubble but it appears to me what we've got is pretty much what we'll have come Chase time.

No Sprint Cup race this week which means I have no other option but to go to the casino and kill time throwing money down the slot machines!