Monday, November 16, 2015

Anybody But Kevin

Well, that was a sort of a mixed up muddle, wasn't it? A seven-hour rain delay. Then, right off the bat, Kurt Busch got the chance of a championship taken away by a picayune matter of beating Jimmie Johnson to the start line by about a foot. That meant a pass-through penalty and going to the back on the re-start. Jimmie was in the lead then until he got caught speeding on pit road and had to join Kurt at the rear and his chance to win the race was, zip, gone.

I have to say it was exciting watching those two race their way back toward the front, as heartbreaking as it probably was for them. One or the other of them just may have made it if they'd raced to the end instead of being rained out two/thirds of the way through. As it was, Jimmie finished 5th and Kurt 7th.

Then Kevin Harvick took over and it looked like a pretty sure thing that he was going to Victory Lane until a caution fell during green flag pit stops, leaving Junior in the lead when the rains came again, stopping the race.

I was three/fourths happy with the way it turned out. I don't want Kevin Harvick to win the championship for the second year in a row, not that I especially dislike Kevin. I just appreciate the other three stories more.

My first choice is Jeff. I think it would be an incredible outcome if he won his fifth championship (and his long coveted first Sprint Cup championship) in his last year. That would be a storybook ending if there ever was one.

Almost as good would be Martin Truex, Jr. pulling it off. A one-car team, a first championship and a really nice guy who had to face a lot of personal adversity in the last couple of years and carried it off with grace. It would be heartwarming to see him prevail.

And finally, speaking of adversity, there is Kyle Busch having to fight his way back after missing the first 11 races due to a wreck that left him with a broken leg and foot. And NASCAR didn't make it easy on him. He had to win a race and climb into the top 30 in points. In fact, he won four races on his way to accomplishing that feat. He definitely earned his shot at the championship.

So my mantra next weekend in Homestead will be Anybody But Kevin although Kevin is probably who'd I'd bet on if I considered only my head and not my heart.