Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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I watch exactly three things on television: the news, NASCAR and Outlander. Both NASCAR and Outlander are on hiatus and the news as a stand-alone is mostly a downer. I belong to some NASCAR groups so that helps some. I keep up on what is going on in the sport - who is getting a new crew chief and who is moving to a new team and who has a new sponsor. I see pictures of drivers and their kids or their dogs.

I now know who the richest drivers are (Junior is Number One, of course) and who has the most Twitter followers (Jimmie!) I know who had babies (Kasey Kahne) and who had surgery (Kyle Busch). I know where drivers went on vacation and what grades they got for 2015 from the media. I’ve watched retrospectives of Jeff Gordon’s illustrious career. I’ve read so many year-end reviews, they have all run together in my mind.

I’m sick of all that now. I don’t want to see anymore look-backs. I wish the season started right after the first of the year. Enjoy Thanksgiving, celebrate Christmas, ring in the New Year and then directly into racing or at least Media Day in Charlotte, with Daytona starting the next week.

I need some excitement in my life. I need some suspense. I can’t wait to see who profited the most from their off-season and starts the year off with a bang. Will Kyle Larson lose his Sprint Cup virginity? Will the Number 24 bring beginner’s luck to Chase Elliott?  What will the tracks and fans do this year to acknowledge how much Tony has given the sport, as they did with Jeff? Will Danica experience a breakthrough this season? At what race will Jimmie tie Dale Senior....and then move past him? 

I want to see double-wide restarts and bump and runs and slide-jobs and angry drivers and fuel mileage races and sometimes, somebody who simply has the force with them and dominates. 

I really need to see cars on the track. The NASCAR off-season is boring.