Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Broom and a Prayer

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First let me say - Argh! - Phil Robertson and his "let's elect a Jesus Man" has no place in a NASCAR prayer. I could actually care less if NASCAR has a prayer, being as I'm not religious, but I don't complain about it. If it means something to people, that's fine, but please leave politics out of it. Religion and politics shouldn't mix here especially coming from a creepy old " marry a teenager and teach her to clean fish" guy like the Duck Commander. Trust me, if I was looking to find God or a President, Phil Robertson would be one of the last people I'd turn to to lead me down the right path. Okay, I've had my say, so that's that.

Secondly - swish, swish, congratulations to Kyle Bush and his fans for sweeping again. I have to admit that I was rooting for Martin Truex, Jr. mainly because he hasn't won a race and Kyle has. In fact, I'd be happy if every race had a different winner for, say, the first 20 races. Of course, Jimmie and Kyle have already ruined that scenario by winning two apiece.

What a wonderful show Chase Elliott put on coming from the very back to finish in the top five! He is one impressive kid. He's calm and patient but along with it, he's willing to take risks with the cool calculation of a far more experienced driver.

For that matter, Ryan Blaney is a rookie star too. He was having a fine race until a recurring vibration sent him backward.

In addition, to Martin I'm also cheering for Matt  to win in order to get the monkey of bad luck he's been carrying this season off his back. And, naturally, Junior too, which I think will happen soon.

And, geesh, Danica was looking so good there for a while, which is sort of the story of her career in NASCAR. Of course, I have hard feelings because I thought she was making progress until Gene Haas took both her crew chief and her pit crew and gave them to Kurt Busch. I thought those moves set her back but Kurt, I think, is Haas' fair-haired child who will always get the best of everything.

All the Hendrick cars finished in the top 10 as did one Penske car, two Gibbs cars, one Furniture Row car and two Stewart-Haas cars, which is probably about the results you'd expect most weeks with maybe Hendrick, Penske and Gibbs switching a position or two from race to race.