Sunday, July 3, 2016

Two - Two - Two

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Two races.....two weeks.....two completely different experiences.

I like road courses and I thought the entire race at Sonoma was great, then add in an ending that was spectacular, being decided with a last lap pass and re-pass. I've always liked Tony Stewart. Although he isn't usually one of my very favorites. I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story so I was mega-rooting for him this time. After all the hard luck he's endured, I so wanted to see him to make the Chase in his last season.

When Hamlin passed him at the last, I screamed..."noooooo!" at my television. I was elated when he came back and won. And no, conspiracy theorists, I don't think Denny Hamlin threw the race to let him win. He did it all on strategy and luck and guts and will! Hurray for you, Tony!

All in all, an extremely enjoyable race.

And then we come to Daytona. As much as I like road courses, I don't care for plate races and what happened at Daytona this time is exactly the reason why.

Half the field taken out in a horrendous crash - a gazillion dollars worth of damage to expensive vehicles, shredded sheet metal, fires, smoking tires, cars on top of other cars. Worrying until window nets come down.

It took out most of the drivers I root for most - Jimmie, Junior, Danica, Truex, Chase and others too numerous to mention individually. Well, I was still left with Ryan Blaney and Kyle Larson but without much hope for either of them, although Kyle L did get a top 10 out of it and it was nice to see Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. get fifth.

Oh, well, it is what it is. Not everyone likes the same things. Congratulations to Brad for winning at Daytona for the first time.

Tony's bad luck returned. After playing it safe all night, he crashed near the end. Still, he did well enough to get beyond 30th in points so if he can stay there, he'll be in the Chase.

The secondary reason I don't like super speedway races is that I don't get off on seeing drivers trapped in lines that don't go anywhere. It doesn't matter how fast your car is or talented of a driver you are, there are times when you're simply stuck twiddling your thumbs, dependent on the cars around you. I find that boring except for the anticipation of a giant wreck at any minute.

I have to admit, it is going to take me a while to adapt to NBC versus Fox. Fox is way more colorful than NBC and Jeff Gordon was a tremendous asset to them this year. I like Steve Letarte and Jeff Burton but, face it, they are much blander than the Fox crew.

On a side note, I read that our own Brian France is going to speak at the Republican convention this year. If that's true, it rates a big "BOO!" from me.