Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hurray For The Young Guns!

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Yay! Yay! Yay! At the end, I was rooting for both Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott. My biggest fear was that one of the "old guys", like Brad Keselowski or Kevin Harvick, would slip in and slick it away from them. I'm so happy that didn't happen!

Actually, I was hoping a little more for Kyle than Chase. Not because I like Kyle better but because a) he's waited longer and b) he didn't start out with every advantage like Chase. Ganassi is a good team but they're no Hendrick Motorsports and they've struggled for the last few years, gradually improving their program. And Kyle has worked so hard to take advantage of every gain they've made until finally, voila, they put it all together and made it to Victory Lane....and the Chase!

I know every win is a thrill for every driver, even those with many victories under their belt, but it is a special pleasure to see the joyful emotion on display when a young driver gets his first Cup win. Kyle was almost overcome in Victory Lane. And with this win, he broke a 99-race losing streak for his team. That has to be a huge source of pride too.

I'm sure it broke Chase's heart for this one to slip away but his time is definitely coming and so is Ryan Blaney's. Besides that, right now, it looks as if Chase is going to get in on points even if he doesn't win either of the last two races. How's that? Kyle Larson, Chris Buescher and Chase Elliott all in the run for the championship. Way to go, Kids!

You get the feeling that Chase is more critical of himself than he deserves. He's having a successful year as a rookie but even some of the driver's have recommended that he needs to lower the intensity level just a notch and let himself have more fun and appreciate how well he is doing.

There will be lots of retro paint schemes at Darlington so it is fitting that Jeff will be back in the 88. I will be glad to see Junior return though I suppose he can write off the 2016 championship. There is always next year but the seasons are slipping away.

And speaking of slipping away, that may be what is happening to Kasey Kahne. He simply hasn't performed at the level expected of a Hendrick driver. It seems there is always one car in the team that doesn't. And it's not because the drivers haven't been good drivers. I mean, for Pete's sake, Kyle Busch once drove the 5 car. It is a strange situation and evidently no one can figure it out.

Last but not least, our sympathy to the France family in the death of Betty Jane France, the First Lady of NASCAR. She certainly died knowing she brought a tremendous amount of good to her world.