Monday, October 17, 2016

One More Week to Relax

Image result for nascar jimmie johnson wins charlotte October 2016           Image result for nascar Kevin Harvick wins Kansas October 2016

I was circling my chair last week at the end of the Charlotte race, unable to light for fear of a caution, chain smoking, biting my fingernails. After all the races that have slipped away from the 48 lately, I just wanted this one to go smooth all the way through to the end. And, thank God, it did....for Jimmie...but it sure was a disaster for several other Chase teams. Luckily, it was a disaster for so many of them that there was a cluster down toward the bottom which was actually better for them than being alone at the tail end. It gave them a fighting chance to make gains on their competitors.

It was sure more fun to watch the Kansas race, knowing I didn't have to worry about Jimmie making it to the next round of eliminations....and even more than Kansas, the dreaded Talladega.

Who was surprised that Kevin Harvick won Kansas? I sure wasn't. No one is as good as Kevin about coming through when his back is firmly against the wall. He is Mr Clutch, for sure, sometimes seeming to push his car to the front through sheer will power.

So now we have Dillon, Hamlin, Keselowsi and Elliott in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. Logano is in 8th, above the cut line, but barely, being tied with Dillon in points.

And they have Talladega ahead of them, not an enviable position to be sure but someone has to win it. If I had to bet, I guess I'd put my money on Keselowski. If Brad was a racetrack, he'd be Talladega. Unpredictable, reckless, risk-taker, controversial. That's not supposed to be a slam, it's just his nature.

Last week, I predicted Martin Truex, Jr. was the favorite for the Chase. That's why I don't like to make predictions. I hardly ever get them right. Now Martin is 7th in the standings but 13 points above the cut-off. If it wasn't Talladega looming, I'd consider that a pretty good position to be in. As it is, one false move and it's over....

I felt the sorriest for Chase Elliott. That kid does so good and just can't seem to catch a break. We all know his success is coming but it must be heartbreaking to so often be near a win and swatch it disappear in a puff of smoke.

So, as a 48 fan, I have one more week of relaxation and then its back to stress again.