Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Two Plus Two Equals...Umm...Give Me A Minute!

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Here are my thoughts about NASCAR's new points system: I don't care.

I admit it, I'm a word girl, not a numbers person. I can diagram a complex sentence and define its meaning but 2 + 2 = 4 still confuses me sometimes. I can barely balance my checkbook. I still don't totally understand fractions. Prayer was the way I got through Chemistry with a passing grade. I never check to see what kind of mileage my car is getting, I just drive it until it gets to half a tank, then fill it up again.

So, honestly, I hadn't even got NASCAR's last point rules through my head. It was all just a big incomprehensible blur to me. I was dependent on the announcers and the leaderboard to tell me what was going on with my driver. I know my limitations and I'm content with waiting for them, rather than trying to figure it out myself. It sounds easy to say each position is a point but when you're comparing a driver running twelfth with one running 29th, based on their points going in, it doesn't seem that simple to me.

So I expect nothing less than to be in a muddle this season. "Let's see, he won a "stage" and he came in second in the race but the other guy won the race and came in fourth in a stage." Uh huh. Just tell me how it all shook out at the end.

Having said all that, I'm okay with NASCAR making changes. Without change, any entity sinks into staleness and withers, particularly in a culture that changes as quickly as ours. Yes, our attention span is shorter so breaking the races into three parts should add to the on-going excitement. You'll have to watch the whole race to see where your driver stacks up, not just the beginning and the end.

I will sort of miss the Chase but perhaps, the title is past its usefulness. I hope they come up with something more interesting than "stages' though. That sounds rather boring.

I have a feeling Monster had a lot to do with this. Unlike Sprint, their brand is based on youth and pizazz and edginess. I doubt if they simply wanted to follow in Sprint's stodgy old footsteps. They wanted to re-define the sport in their image. And that's fine...they'll be paying enough to earn the right.

The drivers seem to believe the new point system will will be an improvement and they know a hell of a lot more about it than me so I'm happy to trust their judgement. I'll just be happy to see racing. regardless of the format.  Drivers start your engines!

I haven't written about Carl. I read about it when I got back from Las Vegas but I wasn't really surprised. Don't get me wrong, I think Carl was a dedicated racer but I never had the feeling that it was his be all and end all, not like Jimmie or Jeff or Kyle, or several others, whose very lives revolve around racing.

Carl's wife is a doctor. He has two kids. His family didn't seem to come to the races as often as some. There didn't seem to be as much total family buy in. Carl, being the kind of person I thought he was, I could see him very methodically planning to give NASCAR x number of years to win a championship, then walking away to pursue other goals. From what we hear, that may be running for senator of Missouri. Political races can be every bit as challenging and exciting as stock car races. I think Carl has the personable personality of a politician so he should do well.

Mostly, I've been so caught up in politics, I haven't paid much attention to the NASCAR off-season. I mainly just want it to get over with so weekends will be fun again!