Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Speed Trap!

                                                          Image result for speeding ticket cartoon

Well, the Folds of Honor Quik Trip 500 in Atlanta was a kind of a boring race unless you're a gung ho Kevin Harvick fan, which I'm not although, I like him well enough. If you are a gung ho Kevin Harvick fan, I expect it was rather heartbreaking. I actually wanted to see Kevin win. I always want the driver who dominates an entire race to win. It just doesn't seem fair when car and driver perform superbly all race long and then lose at the very last, especially over a speeding penalty. Of course, it happens quite a bit. I imagine Kevin could have kicked himself in the butt when he was nailed on pit road, something that was totally on him.

He wasn't the only one who got caught by the speeding police. Jimmie got two, TWO, speeding tickets. I knew he was in trouble after the first one and figured he was sunk after the second one and then to top it off, they pitted when they weren't supposed to pit. I expect Jimmie and Chad both wanted to kick themselves in the butt too!

Altogether there were 13 penalties in the speed trap that was pit road in Atlanta. That's a lot of results possibly bollixed up by speeding.

Once again, the kids gave the race its most exciting moments, for me at least. I still think Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott are our superstars of tomorrow. Chase looked like he might be going to pull it off but he was also bitten by the speeding bug. Then Larson looked like he might have it but he just couldn't quite hold off Keselowski.

I have a friend who was a monster Mark Martin fan and in fact, quit watching NASCAR when Mark retired. In the last few years, I've got him interested in the sport again. He asked for recommendations on who he should take on as his driver and I suggested Larson. Now he's as fired up about Kyle L as he used to be about Mark.

It's time for him to get over that 2nd place hump and start converting those second place finishes into wins.

Brad had to face some adversity himself to claim the checkered flag. That team always seems to have themselves in position when the chips are down and opportunity rears its head but Atlanta played the spoiler for several of the good teams - Kyle Busch, Dale Jr, Jimmie, Denny Hamlin.

I like seeing Ford win the first two races of the season even though I'm normally a Chevy fan. Except for Brad and Joey, it was sad to see them down in the dumps for so long. Now if only Jack Roush can get his guys on par with the others. Hendrick hasn't set the world on fire but the potential appears to be there. The JGR Toyotas are sucking hind tit so far this season but it's only two races in and I imagine that will change. That's what makes NASCAR so fun. You can be riding high in April and shot down in May....or vice versa.

As for the sections, I have not got into it. I pay attention to what the announcers say but I just can't get stoked about what's going on a third of the way through the race.

So, Atlanta wasn't the most thrilling race but it has its moments. They aren't all going to be suspenseful every moment. No sport can promise that. It's the totality of the colors and the personalities, the crashes and the competition, the ups and downs that I love.