Thursday, August 24, 2017

Doin' the Bristol Stomp...Again

Image result for nascar busch sweeps bristol    

I won't deny I was rooting for a new winner at Bristol, especially Erik Jones since he led so many laps. But it could just as well been Chase, Junior, Kenseth, Jamie McMurray, et al. But that's not the way it turned out so congratulations to Kyle Busch for doing the Bristol Stomp for the second time. 

It is quite an achievement to sweep any three races in a weekend, though I think Kyle gets a little too much credit for doing something not many other drivers have tried to do. He's the only one who has ever pulled it off but it would be interesting to know how many others have participated in an attempt to sweep.

Still, I hope non-winners win the last two.

This Silly Season is turning out to be a sad season. I'm enjoying the heck out of seeing the kids come into their own. The last restart at Michigan with Kyle Larson threading the needle to take the lead was awesome. 

Still, our old favorites are falling by the wayside one by one. First, it was Tony and then Jeff. Then Junior announced this would be his last season. Now, we don't know if Kenseth has a place to land. We don't know if we'll still see Kasey Kahne on the track or not. Jimmie, Kevin and Kurt are the last of the "old timer" top drivers. I love that NASCAR has so many young up and comers but maybe it is all happening a little too fast for me. 

I think NASCAR should let the drivers fight it out on pit road - no cones. Trying to position yourself to guarantee a certain lane is just one more piece of strategy, and it's one that doesn't always work out for the best. I think NASCAR is already guilty of too much micromanagement. Leave this one alone. I'm also sick of hearing about loose lugnuts. I think the team should get a pass if only one lug is loose. You assume one is an accident while two or three would be purposeful.

I have an ulcer. I call it the Jimmie Johnson ulcer. It always flares up in the summer when Jimmie goes into his slump. I'm always thrilled in the spring - the 48 team gets three wins, guarantees themselves a championship berth - yay! Then, boom, they fall off the map. It's a relief if they get a top ten instead of a DNF. I begin taking antacids. Will they be able to hit the switch as they've so often done? 

One of my best friends is as obsessed by the Chicago Cubs as I am with the 48 team. When the games and races are in overlapping seasons, she says, "don't forget to root for the Cubs," and I say, "don't forget to root for Jimmie." We both make solemn vows of support. She could care less about Jimmie and I could care less about the Cubs but we both believe a little extra mojo never hurt.