Friday, January 26, 2018

Bored and Bitching


Thank heavens we'll be racing soon! Seems like the drivers are getting kind of cranky Maybe they are just getting restless and bored with too much time off. I can relate. I feel restless and bored myself.

Kyle Busch was snappish with NASCAR because he thinks the sport is featuring the young guns more than the older drivers even though they haven't accomplished enough to be considered top guns yet.

"Hey, what about us?" says Kyle, "we're still here and we're genuine superstars. Give us our due until the kids earn their own."

Brother Kurt more or less agreed with Kyle though he used a somewhat milder tone.

Ryan Blaney came right back at Kyle and said the reason he (they) got so much attention is because they are younger and more eager to do things to help promote the sport. And that's probably always the way it is with generations. The older generation wants to race and then go home and live their lives instead of going to more events and signing more autographs. The boys can't do enough.

Meanwhile, Brad K took Brian France to task for rarely ever coming to the races to show his support. I mean, he is the CEO of the whole damn sport but you'd hardly know it.

Brian says he's just too busy doing administrative work to have time to come to the races. I say baloney on that. All you had to do was watch Brian at the Awards Banquet. He acted like his part couldn't be over fast enough for him to get the hell out of there. I don't think he even likes NASCAR but he and his family own it lock, stock and barrel so don't expect anything to change. Let's just hope he puts in good people beneath him.

As far as NASCAR and the kids are concerned, I'm sticking with "Grandpa Jimmie Johnson" as my Hendrick pick. Not that I don't wish all the young'uns well but Jimmie will always be The Man for me.

I'm looking forward to seeing Danica in Daytona. It is kind of heartwarming that she and and Go Daddy and Tony Eury, Jr. are re-assembling for a last hurrah.

Actually, I'm looking forward to a lot of things!